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Exclusion of Liability

1. Content of online services
The author assumes no guarantee whatsoever for
the up-to-date nature, correctness, completeness
or quality of the information provided. As a general
rule, liability claims against the author related to
damage of a material or ideal nature and caused
by the usage or non-usage of the information
offered and/or by the usage of defective and
incomplete information are excluded to the extent
that the author cannot be verifiably proven to have
acted either wilfully or in gross negligence. All
services are subject to amendment and are non-
The author reserves the explicit right to amend,
supplement or delete sections of the site or the
entire service or discontinue publication temporarily
or finally without having to specifically announce
their intention to do so.

2. References and Links
In case of direct or indirect references to external
websites ("hyperlinks"), which are beyond the field
of responsibility of the author, liability would only
come into effect if the author possesses knowledge
of the contents and is technically able and can be
reasonably expected to prevent their use in case
of illegal content. Hereby, the author explicitly
declares that at the time the links were created, no
illegal content could be detected on the linked pages.
The author has no control over the current or future
configuration, content or authorship of the linked/
concatenated pages. Therefore, the author hereby
explicitly detaches herself from all content of all
linked/concatenated pages which were altered after
the links were created. This statement applies to
all links and references within the own internet offer,
as well as to external entries in guest books,
discussion forums, link directories, mailing lists and
all other forms of databases to which external
write-access is possible that were set up by the
author. The operator of the site referred to by
hyperlink - not the one making the referral to the
respective publication - is solely liable for any
illegal, erroneous, or incomplete content and
especially for any damages caused by utilization
or non-utilization of such offered information.

3. Copyright and Trademark Laws
The author seeks to follow the copyright law
regarding all pictures, graphics, audio files, video
sequences and texts, to use pictures, graphics,
audio files, video sequences and texts that she
herself created, or to draw on licensed graphics,
audio files, video sequences and texts.
All trademarks and brand names presented
within the internet services and, if applicable,
protected by third parties are subject to the
regulations of the respective valid laws on
trademarks and related signs as well as the
property rights of the respective registered
owner without restraint. Simply by appearing on
any page, it cannot be concluded that trademarks
are not protected by the rights of third parties!
The copyright of published objects that were
created by the author herself remains solely with
the author of the pages. Reproduction or use of
such graphics, audio files, video sequences and
texts in other electronic or printed publications
without explicit consent of the author is prohibited.

4. Privacy policy
If a possibility is given within the internet service
to enter personal or commercial data (email
addresses,names, postal addresses), the user
relinquishes these data explicitly and voluntarily.
The usage as well as the payment of all offered
services is - if technically feasible and reasonable -
permitted even without the declaration of data of
this kind or with the declaration of anonymous
data or an alias. It is prohibited for third parties
to use contact data such as addresses, telephone
or fax numbers as well as email addresses
mentioned within the imprint or indications
comparable to these in order to send not explicitly
required information. Legal measures against
dispatchers of so-called spam mails infringing this
ban are expressly reserved.

5.Legal effects of this disclaimer
This disclaimer is to be considered part of the
internet service which is referred to in this site.
If parts or single phrases of this text do not, not
anymore or not fully comply with the respective
legal situation, the remaining parts of this
document will not be affected in their content and


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