Cathleen Bergner

“Moments of Elegance and Emotion”

(…) long intervals of measured elegance prevailed throughout the Schumann performance. The piano concertos brought to the fore soloist Cathleen Bergner’s command of melody. In beautiful harmony with the orchestra, the wistful piano-poetess presented the familiar concertos in darkly glowing sound scapes, the weary A minor alone bringing rapture to the room. She avoided any artificial sentimentality. At once brisk and meandering, she delivered the voluptuous Intermezzo Bridge of the second movement, so smoothly interspersed and supple, yet so dramatically arranged, that – after a barely perceptible lull – it transpired in a trembling tide before the final A major jubilation. Fantastic.”

(Rolf-Dieter Diehl, Cellesche Zeitung)

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